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Stuart has great insight into the challenges that entrepreneurs face when building and selling their businesses. If you are a business owner, you must read his book. Even if you never plan to sell your business, his strategy will make your business better than ever."
Amanda Lee
Stuart is a great attorney whose insights have been invaluable to my husband and me for over 15 years. Stuart explains the complexities of estate planning in laymen's terms, is thorough and creative. Stuart also guided me through a very successful sale of my insurance business. I highly recommend him!”
Catherine Mock
Stuart found a sound way for me to purchase a company and made sure I was covered for any previous company liability. I will work with Stuart in the future as his vast knowledge of business transactions is clear upfront.”
Michael Desare
I am very happy in retirement.  Thanks again for all your help in putting the deal together.  You really made the deal go more smoothly than either party anticipated.  Buying your book, and engaging you were the two best decisions I made in selling my business."
Tom Parbuoni
Stuart has been hugely beneficial to me in three business ventures. I can tell through the questions he asks that he truly cares about what's best for his clients and the companies he supports. He has a wealth of examples from which to choose to be creative in his solutions to complex business problems. I trust his seasoned advice and council. I know that if I sell one of my existing companies or partner on a new one I'll do so with Stuart as one of my key advisors."
 Ron Prater
I had the pleasure of working with Stuart on the sale of my share of a federal contracting firm. From our first meeting, I was impressed by his extensive knowledge of the process and I immediately felt like I had trusted partner to work with on the deal. After our initial meeting, we discussed several strategies and Stuart patiently explained the pros and cons of each approach. The fact that Stuart is a Certified Public Accountant, in addition to an attorney, was very helpful to understanding the tax implications of each approach and he ultimately developed a deal which was favorable to all parties from a tax perspective.

When it came time to put the deal on paper, Stuart worked closely with me to ensure the contract reflected the deal as discussed. He explained all financial and legal aspects of the contract and I was able to sign with eyes wide open and full confidence. Stuart’s relationships in the business proved helpful at this point. He had worked several deals with the buyers’ attorney and had a good working relationship that made negotiations go smoothly and efficiently.

I can’t say enough good things about the help I received from Stuart. He is a patient and knowledgeable advisor, a seasoned business veteran, and a true partner to his clients."
Tom Ries

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