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We Help You Plan for Future Success

Whether you’re starting a business, winding one down, trying to improve growth, or seeking to make a successful exit from an existing entity, having a Business & Legal Advisors plan, review, and prepare the documents and agreements you need in place for your protection is a must.

We have been advising businesses on financial, tax and business issues for over 40 years on business growth and exit planning. Whether you’re starting a business, winding one down, trying to improve growth, seeking to make a clean exit from an existing entity or winding the business down, having Business and Legal Advisors assist you in establishing a business plan with achievable and measurable goals that align with the business owner, the business and its employee.  The implementation and documentation of these goals and the business plan will increase the likelihood of a successful future.

The Business and Legal Advisors stand ready to put their expertise to work for you in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, as well as nationwide. For a more detailed explanation of our business consulting services, please review Our Process and Business Agreements.

Areas of expertise include: 

• Development of a Five-Year Plan
• Review of Business Operations
• Analysis of Management Issues
• Income & Estate Tax Planning
• Requirements for Capital or Financing
• Review of Existing Corporate Documents
• Employment and Executive Compensation
• Agreements, Partnerships and Stockholder Agreements
• Customer Agreements
• Purchasing/Leasing Real Estate
• Loan/Financing Documents

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