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We live by the business philosophy that was stated by Sy Sims “An educated consumer is our best customer”. That is why we have invested in gathering insightful information that can help you make the right decision about your personal and business goals. Below you’ll find valuable resources that can aid you with your journey towards a successful future.


Selling or buying a business can be a lucrative but risky transaction. It’s all too easy to sell yourself short or to overpay as the buyer. If you want to avoid the costly mistakes that many business owners make in M&A transactions, this book is for you. It provides valuable guidance on specific action items that every business owner should take whether you are selling your business now or growing the business for sale years down the road.  You will gain insights on how to increase the value of the business, avoid expensive mistakes in growing your business, negotiate a purchase or sale, and integrate an acquisition into an existing business. You will learn how to leave the bargaining table with more money in your pocket!


Running a business can be challenging at times and having the right information at the right time can make difference in how you approach a crucial business decision. At Business and Legal Advisors, we recognize that having timely and accurate information is essential to making the right decision. Therefore, we have written a few useful articles to help you with your decision making process. Visit our articles page and benefit from our current and upcoming articles. 

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