Business Consulting

Business Consultants in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, as well as Nationwide

Whether you're starting a business, winding one down, trying to improve growth, or seeking to make a clean exit from an existing entity, having an attorney plan, review, and prepare the documents and agreements you need in place for your protection is a must.

Stuart H. Sorkin and Matthew S. Haskin have been advising businesses for over 35 years. The Business and Legal Advisors assists its clients in establishing a five-year plan, addressing tax planning and management issues, addressing capital and financing issues, bankruptcies, sales and acquisitions, and more.

Areas of Expertise Include:

• Development of a Five-Year Plan
• Review of Business Operations
• Analysis of Management Issues
• Tax Planning
• Requirements for Capital or Financing
• Review of Existing Corporate Documents
• Death
• Disability
• Bankruptcy
• Divorce
• Withdrawal from Business (Voluntary or Involuntary)