Business and Legal Advisors

The Business and Legal Advisors is a business consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of strategic and integrated business plans for start-ups and small to midsize entities to successfully combine the company and personal objectives of the owners and executives.

Our process begins by assessing the value of the business, its employees and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the current business model in order to develop and implement a 3-5 year personal and business plan for the owner(s).

The process of this assessment includes:

1. Verification that the co-owners and key employees have a common set of goals for the business, resolution of any difference in goals and then establish metrics for measuring progress toward these goals;

2. Review of financial and income tax reporting to improve cost efficiencies and standardize business practices;

3. Assess if desired business growth can be achieved internally or is strategic acquisition(s) required;

4. If strategic acquisition(s) required, determination of the target criteria and prepare the business for an acquisition, maximizing financing options;

5. Analyze if the business has the right employees in the right positions and develop a compensation structure to hire and maintain the right people;

6. Prepare the business for the owner’s planned or possible unplanned exit;

7. Ensure that the owner’s estate plan provides for the continuity of the business to maximize business value for the owner’s family.

As a former entrepreneur, CPA, and attorney with more than 30 years of experience, Stuart H. Sorkin, managing member, unique background allows him to assist owners and executives with executing on the complex decisions regarding incorporating their personal and financial goals with the appropriate growth or exit strategy for the business.

Mr. Sorkin is the co-author of "Expensive Mistakes When Buying & Selling Companies...and How to Avoid Them in your Deals." Also, Mr. Sorkin has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, USA Today, Money Magazine and BankRate.com on a wide range of business, financial, and tax issues and is a frequent lecturer on corporate and succession planning.

Mr. Sorkin, along with his partner, Matthew S. Haskin, business attorney, assist clients with the planning, negotiation and documenting all forms of transactional work, including, choice and formation of business entities, raising of capital and financing, mergers and acquisition, real estate acquisition and development, incentive compensation, federal and state income tax planning, succession and retirement planning, estate planning and asset protection, including, trusts, family and charitable gifting strategies and family partnerships.